Application Process

flowersIf you are interested in learning more about living in the Community of Hospitality (COH) and to submit the application to us, please contact us. Applicants normally write a short essay about their spiritual journey, participate in phone interview(s), visit for a few days, and attend worship to get a feel for community life.

After we receive the application, we will call you and talk with you about your interest in the community and what the community might have to offer you. Together we will plan a time for you to visit the community, stay for several days, and experience life with the current residents. If there is an opening at one of the volunteer programs, we will arrange for you to visit that site.

“Living in community is a great joy and a challenge. It is wonderful and difficult. It can feel effortless and life giving and at other times draining. History informs us that a strong community depends on the members approaching their stay with sincerity, commitment, honesty, open-mindedness and willingness to share and communicate.”