Life In Community

residentsThe Community of Hospitality (COH) residence is comprised of 5-8 people who have come together both to work at Cafe 458, The Edge,Samaritan House, and other programs and to create a shared, intentional living environment with one another. Hospitality involves creating relationships in which we allow one another to grow. We practice this with guests at our work places, with our neighbors, friends, and one another. Building community involves constant reflection on our group experience and openness to the Spirit who lives within and among us. Community is an ongoing process which evolves as each member contributes something unique.

We recognize the following components as significant to our life together:

I. Respect

  • acknowledging the value and gifts we each possess
  • being aware of others’ needs and perspectives
  • balancing our needs with the needs of others

II. Awareness of our interdependence

  • sharing resources, possessions, and responsibilities
  • creating intentional time for honest feedback, reflection, and support
  • shared meals and fellowship

III. Spirituality

  • sharing personal faith journeys and insights
  • participating in common worship

IV. Conflict Resolution

  • managing conflict in a caring way
  • exercising honest confrontation and forgiveness

We ask all residents to uphold these basic expectations:

  • be emotionally and physically present in community life
  • balance community time with outside interests
  • perform weekly chores
  • be an active participant in community discussions
  • be willing to share feelings and struggles
  • take initiative and assume leadership roles in some areas of community life
  • compassionately confront other residents on interpersonal issues and conflicts
  • be willing to live simply

“Living in community helps me to overcome some of the risks of my own individualism (things like one-sided thinking and intolerance for differences). Instead, I am encouraged to practice skills of patience, openness and compromise – all of which are essential for creating and sustaining peace.”