workingResidents of COH live together and work in volunteer placements mainly at Samaritan House, Inc.  This includes serving homeless people of Metro Atlanta at Café 458, a small café for the homeless and at The Edge, providing comprehensive support services for homeless people seeking work.  At times there have been residents such who volunteer in other settings (such as VISTA programs), who join us for the benefits of a supportive community lifestyle.

The non-residential community or “worship circle” is committed to provide a supportive structure for full-time volunteers who want to live in an intentional faith community.  We do this through room and board, a stipend, a support team for maintaining the house, vehicles, residential life, and recruiting volunteers.  Through these channels and through informal relationships we seek to support the residential community in cultivating a rich life together and in service.

“Community is an education. A year ago I wondered if I could survive on room, board and $70.00 a month. Yet I want for nothing. There is good company, good food and right livelihood.”