worshipWe are a community committed to supporting the growth of each other on our inward and outward journeys.  Our inward journeys involve our inner spiritual lives as we become authentic human beings and discover the mystery and awe of God in the variety of ways, practices and spiritual disciplines that God is known among us.  Our outward journeys involve our quest for a free and just society through family relationships, work, vocations, civic life and our relationships to the Earth.  In all that we do we seek to integrate these journeys so that individually we might be whole persons.

As a community, we have an inward and outward journey also. Inwardly, we seek a closer community life. Outwardly, we seek to practice hospitality to guests so that more might share the graces God has given us – blessing, comfort, sanctuary, laughter, healing and the sense of sacred space. Again, as a community, we strive to integrate these two journeys.

Come journey with us.

“Community is unique and remarkable. In its desire to be led by the spirit, it so often feels that the spirit breathes life into the community.”